Spring in New York

Hi guys!
What a crazy week this has been! Right now I am in Florida for a choir trip, and earlier this week I was in NYC with my mom for a little grad trip! It was both of our first time to the city, and we had so so much fun!! Besides doing all the typical touristy things like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty,

and Brooklyn Bridge, we did a ton each day and made the most of the time we had there! I think we agreed that we walked about 20 km a day, so we walked over 60 km while we were there haha. One of my favourite bloggers, Emily Luciano lives in NY and I stalked her insta and found a bunch of super cute places to go lol! One place she often takes places is at this adorable Parisian Hotel called Sezane L’Appartement and a the entrance it had the most beautiful floral arrangement. Another place I really wanted to go was to the Flatiron building on 5th ave, and it was so surreal to see it in real life! I think that was the moment I really felt like I was in New York City; when I saw the Flatiron with all the little yellow taxis driving past. On the Sunday we went to Broadway to see Hello Dolly, but they only had nosebleed tickets left, and when we got to our seats I joked to my mom that I think my nose was bleeding, but then 2 minutes it started bleeding like crazy!! It was bleeding so bad that the sound guy behind us came over and handed me a huge wad of tissues. soooo embarrassing!!
ahh I could go on and on about how much I absolutely loved New York, but I’ll be doing a few posts about what I wore and what we did, so Ill save that for another post!
OH one of my top highlights was going to Hillsong Church! It was so amazing to see that many people in the heart of Manhattan worshipping Jesus! It was completely different from my church at home… Hillsong felt like a concert, but in the best way! And the speaker was a pastor from Texas, and my mom and I both agreed that it was probable the best sermon we had ever heard! I think Justin Bieber goes to Hillsong when he’s in NY, so I was on the lookout for him the entire time (while worshipping and listening to the sermon; I was multitasking 😉 , but I didn’t see him :((
haha I had the BEST time in NY with my mom!! Since we are both super busy during the week, it was special to be able to spend time with her in New York, and just walk around and sightsee and shop! ahh I can’t wait to go back!
xx Rebecca
^^ fifth ave <3
^^We also walked the High line, and we were so lucky to have nice weather the entire time we were there!
^^ the cute floral hotel + cafe
^^ I found the house where they filmed Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I was freaking out with excitement!!
^^The cutest pink restaurant – Pietro Nolita in SoHo… also one of Emily Luciano’s fav spots for taking pictures 🙂
^^The Flatiron!!
^^Central Park was so stunning!

have you ever been to New York?