Hello! This post is inspired by Rachel Catherine (one of my favourite Youtubers) and I will be sharing my favourite things from these 7 categories:

food: Natures Path golden turmeric cereal

song: recently my friends have converted me to love country music and I am obsessed with The Reklaws!!

beauty/skincare product: Pink House Organics cleanser

fashion: I got this super comfy denim T shirt dress from Old Navy and hope to wear it while I’m in Orlando & New Orleans!

bible verse: Provers 16:24 “kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”

random: I just got a FitBit and am SO excited to use it!

instagram inspiration: Jolie Janine is GORGEOUS and has the prettiest feed from travelling!

Rebecca & I are in Orlando and New Orleans this week with our school choir so follow along on our instagram for pictures!

xo Marley


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