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I wanted to do a bit more of a chatty post today, because I know the next few weeks will be a lot of travel posts! (read below to see where I’m going!) The end of the school year is coming closer, and there are so many new thing coming up and I love reading these posts in the future to see what I have done!

have a great week!!

Rebecca xoxo

  1. I am going to New York tomorrow with my mom!! We are going for the weekend, and it’s both our first time going! ahh we’re so excited, I think were going to a Broadway show, and there are so many cute cafes we want to go to as well! If you have ever been I would love to know some of your suggestions on things to do!
  2. The weather here has finally been getting really nice and it makes me so so happy to be able to wear shorts and dresses!
  3. Our lovely friend Sarah Therese is going to be doing mine and Marley’s makeup for prom, and we met with her this week! Her babies are adorable, and her 5 month old Calvin is getting so big and his smile is the cutest thing ever!!

4. The day after I get back from NY I am going to Florida for a choir festival with my school! We will be spending a few days in Orlando, (and going to Universal studios which I’m so excited for!!) and then going to New Orleans for a few days. I have heard that there are some super cute places to take pictures at in New Orleans, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @Baisicbloggerss 😉

5. A few days ago we met with our marketing agency, and we have some very exciting things happening in June!!!

6. I have been doing Spanish 12 online with Marley, but I have been so busy recently that I have fallen behind, and I have accidentally missed 2 online tutoring tutoring classes ahhh! But hopefully when I get back from travelling I can catch up.

7. I ordered the cutest dress from Lulus for my trip, and it was only $30! But when I tried it on in person it was wayyyyy too short! 🙁 haha so now I have to find one of my friends who wants it!

8. I have been obsessed with these flour-free muffins recently! I like to add a bit of orange zest, almond extract, and chopped cranberries. SO. GOOD. (Ill do a post about them soon!)

9. I am super excited to go to the Abbotsford Tulip festival this year!! It is so beautiful, and the weather always seems to clear up for when we arrive! Hopefully they will still be in bloom when I get back form Florida.

10. I got the weirdest purple bruise above my knee, and people are always asking me what I did! I have absolutely no idea, except that I could have banged it on the floor in PE class when we were playing kickball. haha I get super into games in PE.


11. Tonight I am going to go get my belly button pierced! It was kind of a spontaneous decision, but I want to get it done before the summer! My dad is taking me to get it because I’m not 18 yet, and he’s totally cool with it!!

12. I have no more eyelash extensions! 🙁 I had them done by the amazing @Lashesbylavish on Instagram, and I was so obsessed with the cat-eye look! I had them for my missions trip, and I LOVED it because even though I wore basketball shorts and ugly t-shirts every day, at least I had nice lashes! Read more to see how I are them out!


How I grew out my lashes after I had eyelash extensions

I got lash extensions about a month ago, for my missions trip, and I was so obsessed with them, but I knew my real lashes would be pretty weak after they fell out because of how heavy the extensions were! After all the extensions fell out, my real lashes were SO short! 🙁 As much as I loved the extensions, I knew that they would damage my real lashes, and so I took to pinterest to find a solution! The 2 main things that people recommended were taking biotin supplements, and coating your lashes in castor oil every night before bed. I have religiously done both every day, and I have seriously noticed such a big difference in the length of my real lashes! I would almost say that they are longer than before I got extensions 🙂

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? How did you grow them out?



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