Thailand & Cambodia 2018

Hi guys!!

I can’t believe I have already been back for a week!! It feels like my trip to Thailand and Cambodia flew by, but at the same time 2 weeks was a long time! (especially without a phone!) Each year our school sends out 4-5 teams to serve in different parts of the world, to run bible camps in churches play with  kids in orphanages and share the gospel to people overseas. On my team there were 11 other students from my high school and 2 leaders, and to be honest, I was a little disappointed when they announced that none of my friends were on my team. But on the trip, I became so close to everybody, and I think if I had my friends with me then I probably would have just stayed with them and not really talked to anyone else.  It was so amazing to really get to know people who I have seen at school, but never talk to!

The first 10 days of our 2-week adventure, we stayed at ALH Orphanage in Thailand, about 1.5 hour outside of Bangkok. We spent a few days with the kids, taking them to the beach and to the tiger zoo, and teaching some bible and soccer camps.

^^ the orphanage grounds (it was so beautiful, and safe for the kids to play outside. )

^^ LOL yes, I got eyelash extensions for my missions trip!!

^^ What one of the little girls wrote in the sand for us! Their english was so good!

^^ the kids were so excited to go to the beach! Even though it was only about a 15 minute car ride, they don’t get to go often so it was a special treat!


The last few days of our trip, we went down to Cambodia, and I was really shocked at how developed Thailand seemed compared to Cambodia. The poverty was so much more, and as soon as we crossed the border there were little children who came up to us begging. It was such a heartbreaking feeling to know that I couldn’t help everyone I saw.

^^ Lice treatments at one of the schools in Cambodia

^^ We went to several schools and provided lice treatments, as well as wound care and we clipped their nails (a lot of bacteria can get under their long nails and make them sick, so the shorter we could cut them the less of a chance that they would get ill.)

^^ also, for a textiles scholarship that I am applying for, I made a few bags to hand out to a few of the girls that I met on my trip.

^^this is one of the churches in Cambodia! It was literally in the jungle, and before we ran a little bible lesson for the kids, our team sat on the tarp and ate mangoes and fresh fruit and rice for lunch. So crazy how different it is compared to BC!!

^^ haha horrible quality, but probably my favourite photo from the trip!!

This was definitely not a relaxing trip, but I had such an incredible experience! I am so so thankful for everyone who supported me, and everyone who was praying for me <3