Hey guys!

I am a person who does not enjoy early mornings. I would way rather stay in bed then wake up 20 minutes early to do my hair. I have found a few that I really enjoy that are either something that I can do the night before or without having to wake up early. I know that I can get tired of doing the same hairstyle very day so today I thought that I would show you some of my favourite hairstyles for school. 

Number 1. Straighten my hair. I usually like to straighten my hair the morning after I wash my hair. That way I can have straight hair for a few days. The reason that having my hair straight for a few days is because I don’t like to use heat on my hair very often.

Number 2. French braids. This is also something I like to do based on washing my hair. I like to braid it when it was still wet and hair spray it. That way I will keep the braids in over night and then for a day or two. After that I can have nice curly hair for a day before I have to wash it.

Number 3. Low ponytail or bun. This is so simple, I especially love it when I am running late in the morning or my hair is a little greasy for my liking. It definitely

Number 4. Try a headband. This is a got to for me when I have had the same hairstyle for a few days and I want to change it up. It is not a huge difference and it does not involve any heat which is always my favourite!

Number 5. Go Natural! Your natural hair will always suit you. Sometimes it takes a but to get used to but God gave you the perfect hair for you.


Written by Vienna

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