Good Morning!! Happy March!

March is always full of so many exciting things! It’s Marley’s Birthday and my mom’s birthday, and I’m going to Thailand and Cambodia in 2 weeks!! I am so excited for spring to finally come (we just had a ton of snow :/ ) and for it to be sunnier! I hope you guys had a lovely February!



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  • Earthy Andy’s Protein Balls (Marley has a similar recipe here) – since I have been really putting back on the sugar recently, these protein balls have been my go-to! They’re super yummy, and they fill me up and are a yummy treat when I get home from school.
  • Acai Bowls – I used to eat açai bowls all the time in Hawaii, and recently I have been craving them so much recently! I just use frozen berries, a banana, and a little bit of almond milk in mine, and then top it off with fresh fruit and granola. sooooo good 🙂

  • Tulips – there is the cutest little tulip stand close to my house and I love to pick up a fresh bouquet every week. There is something about having fresh flowers in the house at this time of the year to cheer up the room, especially if its really rainy.


  • Lemon Jelly Rain Boots – I have been getting so much use out of these boots since I got them for Christmas! It has been super rainy, so these are the perfect little rain booties to grab, and they look super cute with any outfit.
  • Teddy Bear Sweater – I have been living in this sweater the last few months! Its sooo warm and cozy, and I have just been wearing it around the house with leggings, or out to run errands with some light wash jeans and a graphic tee shirt.
  • Hot Yoga – Vienna and I went to hot yoga together for the first time on Sunday, and I actually really loved it! It was the perfect combo of a workout, and stretching, plus I sweat so much haha. I think were going to make it a regular Sunday evening thing!
  • Self tanning – it has been snowing a lot recently, and the sun barely comes out anymore! I can get super pale, to the point where I look ill, so I love to self tan about once a week to maintain somewhat of a healthy glow.

^^ the coziest little cabin!!

  • Snow Shoeing! – We went snow shoeing with my girls PE class a few days ago to a local mountain, and it was so stunning! haha my fingers and toes got suuuper cold (I think its a genetic thing… my mom gets cold all the time too lol) but I was reminded of what a beautiful place we live in, and how much fun snowshoeing is with friends!

also!! My mom and I have been doing ‘no sugar’ this week… we both eat quite healthy, but recently we have been eating more chocolate and sweets, and we decided to cut back a lot. It actually hasn’t been that hard so far, but I went snow shoeing with my class on Monday and afterwards there was hot chocolate, and I was SOO cold but I resisted haha.

what was a highlight for you in February?


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