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In honour of National pet day being this last week I though that I would share a little bit about my fur babies today. I have had a lot of animals in my life, living in a farm area we always have had cats to take care of the mice as well they are my mom’s favourite hose pet. We have also had fish  and right now we have a dog. I am such an animal person and I don’t know what I will do without them at school next year. I hope you like seeing a different part of of my life through my crazy animals lol.

This is Diesel.

He is the oldest cat/animal that we have, he is 11 years old and turns 12 in May(the same age as Bedine, my sister) I have had this cat since I was 7 and he is probably my favourite cat I have ever had. He is super gentle and friendly. He loves to cuddle with anyone, if you are on a chair he is there too! When we first picked him our we had almost a whole litter to choose from but once I saw Diesel I knew he was the best cat since he was already a cuddler then and he was soon soft. He for sure has 9 lives, when my brother was little he would through Diesel around and give him bathes all the time. Diesel also decided to climb a tree once but couldn’t get down until he fell… I love him so much even though he has started to become a grump nowadays.

This is Skylar.

She is our second oldest animal and the only dog I have ever had. She is a cut boxer runt with so much energy! She has definatly had a crazy life as well. When she was only a few months old she broke her leg while out on a run and had to get 2 metal plates put in her leg, now she has a “zipper” on her leg. A few year later she ended up getting stuck in a manure pit and almost drowned. Along the way she has also gotten hit by a fey cars. She still is always so happy and loves to go on walks and play in the snow. We can not say the word walk without her getting excited. More recently she has also started to become my dad’s work buddy in Coquitlam.

This is Four.

Yes I realize his name is a little strange, he was born when I was obsessed with the Divergent series so that is where his name comes from. He is the baby of the family, only 3 years old. He was born in my closet a few days before my family left to go on a trip! He is my temperamental princess, he only likes to be held by certain people, certain ways, only when he wants to be held but I still love him. When he wants to be he can be super cuddly and visit me, especially in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my crazy animals!

 Until Next Time
xoxo Vienna


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