Hello! I absolutely love trying different face masks and lately have found myself collecting a bunch to help heal my skin. Here was my facemask collection last March and since then I have come A LONG way trust me.. 😉

Also in case you’re wondering, I have used all these masks throughout the year not all at once aha. I usually like trying new skincare products every month to see if they will help my skin glow and not breakout 🙂

Origins active charcoal mask (I ran out 🙁 ) I used this in combination with the Freeman charcoal & black sugar exfoliating mask when I first started breaking out and after weeks of religiously using both weekly (and some other products) my skin cleared up!

This Body Shop tea tree oil mask says to use it 3x a week for results and I have noticed that it’s gentle and my skin feels so refreshed after!

Aztec healing clay mask. I used this everyday for 2 weeks and mix it with water or ACV (apple cider vinegar) on the weekends as it kills bacteria but makes my face red. SO many people including BuzzFeed and Taryn Sparrow have talked about this mask clearing their skin so of course I had to try! It is really nice and my skin feels tight and clear after, however I was wondering if it was too harsh for my skin so I am trying out a few different masks this week

Glamglow Flashmud mask. The skin experts at Sephora recommended this to me as it helps brighten scars and exfoliate the skin. So far, I have gotten a few samples and really like it!! I might even got buy it even though its $80 CAD. My skin feels GREAT after using this mask! Not harsh or dry or anything, so ill keep you updated if I buy it 😉

I have also heard amazing things about this Kiehls turmeric & cranberry seed radiance masque, I got a sample while I was in Vancouver this past weekend and cannot wait to try it!

Proactive mask. I usually put this on overnight as a spot treatment (I’m sure 10 minutes is fine though) and love that I feel less oily when I take it off!

I’ve also heard great things about the Pink House Organics pink clay mask; I’ve tried the regular clay mask and its nice, but I really want a mask to clear my skin fast.

My favourite skincare Youtubers at the moment are Sarah Therese, Cassandra Bankson, and Olivia Jade.

What are your favourite face masks?! I am a SERIOUS skincare junkie 🙂


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