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My Top 10 Youtubers and Bloggers

Hey Y’all.

Hope that you are doing well. I though that I would share some bloggers and youtubers that have inspired me and that I really enjoy reading and watching! They are super cool people that you should totally check out.

Lauren Elizabeth – She is one of my favourites because she has such a fun style and she is so funny. She is my inspiration for a lot of things!

LoveHannahLee – I love her style and how we as bloggers have connected a bit even though we live across the continent. Some of her pieces are so funky and I wish I could pull them off and well as how comfy it looks! Also her aesthetic is goals.

Buzzfeed – I always am finding funny or interesting videos and posts to watch and read especially ladylike and boldly.

Claudia Sulewski – She is just such a cool youtuber with a great sense of style and looks like she has a lot of fun.

Kelsey Simone – I love her style and her feed and she is something that I inspire to be.

Amanda Steele – I have been following her on and off since middle school. She has always had such a unique style and she is so confident in it.

Audrie Storme – She is so cute and hipster and such a cute life. She also has a different style than most of the people I follow and read which is a nice change.

Eva Gutowski – She is so driven and has built such a career for herself. I love her clothing line and her excitement for life.

Jade Dallas Sharms – We as BasicBloggerss have been able to become internet friends which has been pretty cool. She is so pretty and look like so much fun!

Margaux Zanetti – She is one of the first bloggers we followed. Her feed is amazing and her style and lifestyle is something I could see for myself!

I hope that you enjoyed this and it gave you some new faces to follow

until next time xoxo Vienna