My New Fringe || How I style them!

Hello everybody!

I have been humming and hawing about getting bangs for a few months, and I am so happy I finally got them! I had them when I was 2-7 years old, but they were thick, straight across bangs… not my cup of tea hahah. I have been inspired to get my bangs from this picture of Amber Fillerup and this one of Madison Beer, and this one of Selena Gomez! I knew I didn’t want them to be too thick, and if anything I wanted them to be a bit on the longer side so that, in case I didn’t like it, it would be grown out by the time grad rolls around in June 🙂

I like to wear my hair up a lot, but I have the weirdest widows peak hairline that I haaate, so I thought bangs would be the perfect solution to cover it. At first, after I got my bangs cut I literally sat in my car and cried my eyes out!! “What have I done?!?!” was all I could think. For the few days after I got them cut, I wore them back because I was soooo self conscious and I was nervous for what people would think of them! But honestly, I just thought, “never mind what others think!” I loved how they looked in the pictures of the other girls, and I’m sure I can pull them off one way or another! And guess what!? As soon as I walked into school, these sweet girls who are 2 grades below me came up to me and told me how much they liked them!!

I am still debating if I am going to go back and get them trimmed before grad, or if I should just let them grow back… I have some super cute hairstyles in mind for both!

Anyways, while I do have bangs right now, here is how I style them!



Usually when I wake up in the mornings, my bangs are a MESS! Especially if I have showered the night before! Luckily, hey are so easy to style, and I normally blow dry them straight down (so they dont have a bend in them because I want them to lay as flat as possible. Then I flat iron them, and then blow dry them until that lay the way I want them to. I will finish off with a really light mist of hairspray, so they stay in place.

I think I am going to let them grow into a longer fringe, and right now they are at that awkward length where they are long enough that they are in my eyes, but too short to be swept to the side :/ I love how Camila Cabello wore her bangs here! This is the current look I’m going for hahah