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I was getting ready the other morning, and I realized I had hit pan and was scraping out the last few drops of several products! I have really tried to limit my shopping these first few weeks of January, but now that I am out of a few of my makeup favs, I think it’s time to do a Sephora run once more 😉

Have a lovely week!

Rebecca XO

First Aid Beauty Smoothie Skin PrimerBenefit HOOLA BronzerGabriel ConcealerMaybelline Lash Sensational MascaraSephora Brand Clear Brow Gel

  1. FAB Coconut Smoothie Skin Primer – If you watched my Everyday Make Routine, then you will have heard me talk about this primer! First off, its smells like a coconut vacay!! ahh so so good! I also love that it is meant for sensitive skin, which is perfect for me because I break out super easily with particular products. I really try and invest in the makeup products that I put on my skin, and I opt for drugstore options when it comes to eyes, brows, lips, ect. This is my second bottle of this primer… and I am so obsessed with it!
  2. Benefit HOOLA Bronzer – This is a suuuuper popular bronzer… but for a really good reason! I know some bronzers can have a red or orange tone to them, and that can make your contour look really unnatural. This bronzer is a bit more cool-toned and can give you the perfect natural bronzed look! This is a for sure re-purchase for me! (They also have a lighter version of this bronzer if you have fair skin… I self tan so this one matches my face to the rest of my body!)
  3. Gabriel Concealer – This is another product I have mentioned in my makeup routine video, and I am literally scraping the bottle with the applicator! I bought this at the end of the summer from Choices Market, and although it was a bit pricy (online it’s actually not too expensive!), it a) lasted 5 months and I used it every single day, and b) didn’t break me out! I have struggled with my skin a bit last year before I started using this concealer, but because it is made of more natural products, I haven’t been having nearly as many issues!
  4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – My go-to mascara since I was allowed to wear makeup. I have gotten so many compliments on my lashes when I wear this specific mascara, and have used at least 12 tubes of this stuff!
  5. Sephora Brand Clear Brow Gel – Every morning I fill in my brows with a brown brow powder, and then use this to set them in place. I kid you not, when I get home after 6 hours of school, they are still in tact!! I love this because it is like superglue for your eyebrows (in a good way!) and the price is so right!

Let me know if you guys have any products you are going to be re-purchasing!


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