Hello! I love doing simple posts and with exams being this week, here are a few photos from our Ellie Activewear shoot with JJosuePhotography and 12 things happening in my life at the moment 🙂 Here is my last post with 12 things <3

  1. I recently discovered my love for classic movies and musicals! I am watching Anne of Green Gables as I type and Rebecca has gotten me to like 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and Hello Dolly! Then tonight I am going to see The Greatest Showman for the second time *heart eyes*
  2. This week we are off of school to study for exams. I had biology 12 yesterday morning and have my English 12 exam on Thursday :/
  3. These photos were taken at night in the rain because the Fraser Valley weather SUCKS in the winter to spring months but Jana is an amazing editor!
  4. If you are following us on instagram, you saw that we each shared 5 facts about us but here are a few more to get to know me: I am dairy free and LOVE it. I hate cheese and can’t drink milk anymore and only occasionally miss yogurt
  5. I do not drink coffee. ever. It has a weird taste to it and I get headaches 🙁
  6. I love a good routine; sleep in, same ol’ smoothie for breakfast and then a run on the treadmill while watching TV
  7. You will never find me without my nails painted
  8. I shop WAY to much and over Christmas break realized I have so many clothes that I will never be able to wear them all; so I decluttered and passed some down to my sisters and haven’t shopped AT ALL this month! (woooo and its already the 23rd :D)
  9. I lost my favourite pair of earrings yesterday at the gym 🙁
  10. Dani Austin started a group for women to make friends, called the Sassy Club and I have “met” the sweetest girls on it!
  11. I am seriously addicted to dark chocolate and I need to calm down LOL 😉
  12. I am really starting to tour and look into universities and am so excited (but a little apprehensive) to graduate

this month’s box comes with exercise bands!

Have a wonderful week! XO Marley


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