My Winter To Spring Closet Musts

Hey friends, hope your weekend is going great. I am stuck at home stuDYING for my math final exam that is on Tuesday. Today I thought that I would share with you some of my closet essentials. I will admit myself that I have way to many clothes in my closet, some that I barley even wear. I do have some favourite that I know that I could never get rid of since they go with just about anything and are pretty basic pieces; Things that I think that most ladies need in their own wardrobes!

  1. A Nice Pair of Blue Jeans.
  2. A Cute Warm Sweater.
  3. Black Booties.
  4. A Little Black Dress. It’s a classic that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the event!
  5. A Nice Pair of Leggings. Great for a lazy day or for the gym!
  6. Some Good Runners.
  7. A Cute Hat and/or Toque. In case its a bad hair day or an added layer of warmth.
  8. A Pair of Dress Pants.
  9. A Fun Pair of Heals. Fun doesn’t always mean crazy colours, it could be a funky heel or fun straps!
  10. A Turtleneck Shirt. I have two one in maroon red and the other in mustard yellow that I can pair with almost anything!
  11. A Pair of Dark Wash or Black Jeans.
  12. A Cute Trench Coat and/or Rain Coat.
  13. A Plain Black and/or Brown Belt. I have one that is double sided but I usually use the black side since most of my outfits incorporate blacks instead of browns.

Thank you so much for reading my post, until next time xoxo Vienna.

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