Hi guys!

Ever since I got these Lemon Jelly booties for Christmas, I have been obsessed with them!! They are so perfect for our nasty BC weather, and they add a cute little classy touch to any casual outfit! A few weeks before Christmas I was scrolling on Pinterest and I came across these booties. Originally I had wanted the Hunter Chelsea Glossy rain boots for Christmas, but the were sold out everywhere! :/ But I am so glad that I settled for these ones! Dare I say I like them more than the Hunter ones??! hahaha. I love the little bows on them, and they are so perfect for January and February in Vancouver because it won’t stop pouring!(except for this day that we took these OOTDs, it was so lovely and sunny! I love it!)  It’s nice to have a go-to pair of booties to grab on rainy days… its the worst when even just from walking from your car to school your feet get wet!! Have a lovely weekend!

Rebecca XOXO

^^ I love the look a cute dress or skirt and black glossy booties!


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