Hey guys I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend. Since this is the beginning of the new year I thought that I would share what has been going on in my life recently! It will be somewhat like when Marley and Rebecca have done their 12 things post that were inspired by Amber Fillerup but we will see how much I have to update you guys on today.

  1. I got a job this last fall at Hallmark Gold Crown which is primarily a card store. It has been going great, I love the people that I work with and it is helping me get some new experiences under my belt!
  2. During December I went out to Alberta to see my Grandma, she has not been doing well. Prayers that she would have a comfortable through her last days and for my family that we would all be at peace. She actually ended up passing last night.
  3. I can’t believe that I am graduating in June of this year, that is surreal to me. I got my prom dress in New York and I order my shoes that came in! I can’t wait to show you but it will be a secret until June 15th.
  4. I have exam week coming up on the 22nd. I only have one exam but I am already super stressed because it is for sure not my best class…It is on Tuesday so then I have the rest of the week off school!
  5. Back in December my family went to Manitoba for a week without me because I had work. It taught me a lot especially since we had a huge ice storm where I did’t have power for 2 days. It makes me feel a bit less stressed for the future when I go out on my own that I know I can take care of myself.
  6. Back on the school subject I have started applying to Universities and bible schools which is another weird thought. I am Hoping to go to bible school next year and I am so excited to think of all those possibilities.
  7. In my Law 12 class we had a speaker come in, his name is Brian McConagy who is the founder of a organization called Ratanak. It was amazing, he uses his gifts that he learned in the RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to help free girls from sex trafficking. Makes me want to help more in missions work and donate to those kind of causes.
  8. I ordered some fun stuff online on boxing day that came a few days ago. I ordered a toque and phone case from itsallwild.com and they accidentally sent me the wrong case which was a funny little mix up. As well I got some of the holiday eyeshadow pigments from MAC that I can’t wait to test out!
  9. I am already stating to think of all the ideas for blog post this year and can’t wait to share all my adventures!
  10. I got my ear pierced last weekend. I wanted my rook pierced but I have a really unique ear that makes it hard for me to get certain piercings so I got a faux rook piercing. The first two days it turned purple and was bleeding a bit but it is all better now and I love it!
  11. I finally am taking down my christmas decorations.hehe. We had a christmas party with my cousins last weekend so I didn’t take them down then so I am finally doing it this weekend.
  12. I have all my dance performances coming up soon. I am super excited but nervous since there is one dance I just finished…
  13. I just got some self tanner for prom that I am going to try out a bit before, I am a little nervous since I have never used any tanning stuff before.
  14. I have a new favourite song that I heard from one of the other girls from dance called People and it is by Laura Muluva.

I hope you enjoyed this little life update. I love you all so much. xoxo Vienna



Written by Vienna

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