Hey guys!! I did a post like this last year and it was super fun so here are some of the pictures we NEVER posted from any of our photoshoots this year! Scroll to the bottom for my New Years resolutions 🙂

at the Tulip Festival looking like eggs

spy our red itchy mosquito bites


you bet we sat in the window and scared people hahaha


always standing on things to become as long legged as becca! Also, how bad are our tan lines here ^

always ALWAYS laughing at each other

at least one of us is always talking and wrecking the photos 😉

Rebecca is doing the splits in this picture to get down to our height HA we could not keep the giggles in


A few of my goals for 2018 are:

  • to go on my phone less- I want to make tons of memories and not be known as the “person always on their phone”
  • plan ahead better- I want to get a really good agenda and take time to schedule things!
  • try going vegan for a few weeks- I am already dairy free and cutting out meat won’t be a HUGE issue for me so I want to try going vegan for a month maybe and see if it helps make my skin glow!
  • be kind in all situations- I don’t want to be stressed or have anger get ahold of me
  • hear God’s voice- I have been a Christian basically my entire life but I really want to hear Gods voice this year and practice being patient, listening
  • try the BBG workout by Kayla Itsines– I do track with school and with my local team but once I graduate I want to stay fit and this program doesn’t take up too much time, and the results are amazing!
  • get my full licence! Here, we have to have our N for 2 years but I took a course to get 6 months off that, so we’ll see if it paid off 😉
  • I will also apply to a few universities and hope to take a year off first to work and travel before school so hopefully I get accepted next year!

Have a wonderful year!! We had such a blessed 2017 and are so excited to see what opportunities will come

XO Marley


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