Fishtail Love // Hairstyle

Hi guys, I can’t believe Christmas is in 2 days! I love spending this holiday with my family and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Today I wanted to share with you one of my new favourite hairstyles inspired by Amber Fillerup. I saw it on her Insta stories and had to try it out for myself, it was too cute not to. I hope you like this tutorial and try it out for yourself!

First: Make an even part down the middle, . Separate the 2 sides into low pigtails(leaving some hair out to frame your face if you want), tie off with an elastic.

Second: with your fingers separate your hair above the elastic to make a little hole and pull the whole pigtail over and through the hole.

Third: Start fishtailing the hair, about a third (lol) of the way down the pigtail. Tie it off with an elastic and repeat fishtailing.

Fourth: Once you have finished and tied of your fishtail you are done! You can then accessorize however you want, my favourite is to add a baker boy cap!

I hope that you enjoyed this hair post. Thank you so much for reading! Until next time, xoxo Vienna