Merry Christmas!!

It seems so weird to think that when I get out of school, there will only be 3 days until Christmas!! Crazy!! haha if you read last post, I was reallllly hoping for snow before Christmas, but on the forecast it looked like it was going to be sunny right up until Christmas day! (which is not like BC in December!) But, if you follow us on Instagram, then you will know that it snowed this week!! It started coming down pretty heavy a few hours before school got out, and I had to run some errands after school, which meant I would have to drive in the snow for the first time ahhhh. A 15 minute drive home took me over an HOUR!!

You bet that when I got home I made myself a cup of my new fav hot chocolate!! This recipe is inspired by a few other bloggers. The original recipe is from Rens Kroes’ Calming Chocolate Mylk (Mylk = vegan milk, i.e. almond milk or cashew milk) but I changed the recipe a bit because I didn’t have very many of the fancy superfood powders that she had. Also, this recipe is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Lauren Elizabeth! She talks about oat milk allll the time on her instagram, and I wanted to try and make my own because I knew it would be super inexpensive to make from scratch, and because no one else in the Lower Mainland seems to have heard about oat milk!

hahaha anyways, here is my oat milk recipe, and my favourite healthy hot chocolate milk recipe!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!



Luke 2:1-20

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& thank you to my little brother, Cole for taking these pictures! You’re the best 😉 xoxo (like his most recent picture on Instagram because its with some pretty cute girls :))) hahaha

Oat Milk

1 Cup Oats

3 Cups water

3 Tsp Vanilla

3 Tsp. Cinnamon

1 Tbsp. Sweetner (I used maple syrup)

Mix all ingredients in a blender until it becomes a smooth consistency. Strain with cheesecloth or strainer to remove the oat pulp. Store in a manson jar in the fridge for up to 1 week. The oat milk will separate after a few minutes of standing still… don’t worry! Just give it a little shake before you use it 🙂


Vegan Hot Chocolate

{I actually cannot get over how creamy this chocolate milk is! sooooo good!!}

1 Cup milk (I used my oat milk!)

1/4 Cup Water

2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder

4 small dates (to warm mine up for easier blending, I soak them in hot water for 5 minutes beforehand)

2 Tsp. vanilla

dash of Cinnamon

dash of Nutmeg

Maple Syrup (or honey) to taste (optional)


Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. OPTIONAL: I strain out all the date chunks out of my chocolate milk because I hate having chunky hot chocolate haha. Pour your chocolate milk in a saucepan and heat up until warm!! I love adding a few marshmallows or a candy cane in my hot chocolate 🙂


If you make this recipe, we would love to see pictures! Tag us on social media @BasicBloggerss XOXO


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