Hello! Last week I got eyelash extensions from the lovely Paola from EverLashes and I am LOVING them! They look natural and I can wear them to school and work without getting strange looks. Since lots of people have been telling me a bunch of rumours about lash extensions, I asked Paola and she gave me some amazing answers!


Do eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall off?

No! Your lashes fall out like any hair on your head falls out. Since the lash extensions are glued with your natural lashes, the lash extension falls out with your natural lash.


Are you allowed to wear mascara?

On your bottom lashes if you really want to, but make sure to wash it off at night NOT using an oil based makeup remover.


Can you get your lashes wet?

YES. Most people don’t realize that of course you can shower and wash your face! Paola told me not to directly stand under the shower tap as the pressure could make the lash glue disappear, but I wash my face like normal 🙂


Do I have to wash my eyelash extensions? 

Paola sells a little bottle of baby shampoo and brush to wash them daily but you can make your own solution with 3 parts water and 1 part shampoo.


Why get lash extensions?

This is my second time getting lash extensions and I LOVE them! There is something about getting up in the morning and not having to take time to put on mascara that is so simple 🙂


If you have any other questions comment below or DM us and I will ask Paola and get back to you!! She is super talented and does all sorts of services from lashes to brow tinting

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XO Marley


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