9 Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit

I am so ready for this holiday season, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year(Que. music). There are some things that I feel the need to do in order to get into the Christmas spirit. I thought that today I would share some of my favourite ways to get ready for the holidays!

  1. Go Christmas Shopping. My dad and I go christmas shopping every year to get a big portion of or gifts. This year we went to Fort Langley where we got to visit one of our (basicbloggerss) new favourite stores Bella & Wren!
  2. Wrap presents. Wrapping presents while jamming out to christmas music always gets me into the christmas spirit!
  3. Christmas baking. Make the house smell good and have some christmas treats to snack on leading up to christmas. There might be some new favourite christmas recipes going up on the blog in the coming days so check that out! One of my all time favourites is peppermint bark or peppermint sugar cookies.
  4. Go to a coffee shop(get a red cup at Starbucks if you haven’t already). I love getting hot drinks and walking around town. Seeing all the hustle and bustle. Some of my favourite christmas drinks are the Caramel Brûlée latte from Starbucks or White Chocolate Candy Cane tea.
  5. Decorate your room/house. Right now I only have a room to decorate but it becomes my pride and joy to decorate my own little christmas tree, put out my snowbabies, and bring out the christmas candles.
  6. Burn christmas candles. Something to make the room just smell like christmas all the time. Getting ones that add to the cute christmas decor are a plus too.
  7. Practice a holiday makeup look(coming next week). I love makeup and that is not a secret so I thought that next week I would share one of my favourite holiday makeup looks! Don’t forget to check back next weekend.
  8. Pamper yourself. Do a face mask or take a bath with some bath salts, mine are from a company called True. It is great to relax through this holiday season.
  9. Create a christmas mood board. It gives me decoration, baking and outfit ideas for the holidays! Here is some of the stuff that I put on my Christmas mood board: http://www.gomoodboard.com/boards/FHopWA29/share

I hope you liked these tips to get into the Christmas spirit. Until next week, xoxo Vienna!