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I was reading one of my favourite bloggers, Amber Fillerup, and I love this “12 Things” series that she does on her blog! I love posting about my favourite outfit or new products I have been loving from Sephora, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and sit down a bit more of a “chatty” post so that you get to know me better! hahaha

I hope you guys have a wonderful week, I’m sssoo excited for black friday next week! (even though I’m not American I still get super excited when Black Friday comes!) Yay for sales!!

XOXO Rebecca


  1. I have volleyball provincials in 2 weeks! I can’t believe my last volleyball season is coming to an end! We have created so many fun memories this year as a team, but I’m also super excited to finally have free time!

  2. Last week Marley, Vienna and I promised each other that we wouldn’t buy anything for the rest of November. The next day she came to me and asked if we can shorten it to a week because the Sephora VIB sale was come up haha. I agreed because I wanted to order a few things from Zara 😉 So much for us trying to save money !!!

3. We are going to decorate for Christmas this weekend! I am working all day Saturday, but we want to get a tree and set up everything for Christmas because the Christmas season feels so short as soon as December comes!

4. I have been so obsessed with oatmeal for breakfast recently! Just regular oatmeal is so boring, but I add about 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 grated apple, (add in while the oatmeal is cooking) 1tbsp almond butter, and a handful of my homemade granola into the oatmeal! soooooo good!

5. I have been diffusing clove essential oil in my diffuser when I have been studying or getting ready in the morning, and it smells like Christmas! Sometimes I get a little bit of the oil on my hands by accident and I get a little whiff of it during the day and I get so happy!

6. This daylight savings is brutal! As I am on my way to school it just barely becomes light outside, and on my way home from school it is already starting to get dark! I heard that they are going to no longer continue daylight savings though next year!? Did anyone else hear that or am I making things up? hahah

7. We are having a girl from Japan say with us this weekend because I am saving up for 2 school trips I am going on next year! We were told we should take them around the Fraser Valley and entertain them, but I am seriously so busy this weekend! ahh hopefully Marley can take her somewhere haha (I think Marley is having a student too so that should work!)

8. After volleyball is done, I think I want to try kickboxing! I always see Gigi doing it on Instagram and I want to give it a try!

9. Marley introduced my to podcasts recently and I’m hooked! I have been listening to a few blogging ones and I have been feeling so inspired with blogging recently 🙂

10. Yes, I have my prom dress! I don’t want to give any details away so it is extra special for grad, but I will say that it is not what I had expected I would get!

11. I recently discovered one of my favourite vloggers! Her name is Kristin Johns and her and her husband live in LA with their little golden retrievers (one of them is named Honey Bee! ahh so sooooo cute!) She is a Christian and a lifestyle vlogger and she inspires me to enjoy the little things in life and to be content with everything I have.

12. I have recently redone my desk into a little vanity with a little vanity mirror and some cute containers to display some of my favourite products! I also lettered a little sign to go on my vanity and I love how it turned out!

happy thursday! it’s almost the weekend!!!

Dress: Lulus | Custom Concepts Photography 


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