Hey guys!! So many people give up on fitness or eating healthy during these colder, rainier (and Christmas) months but I love working out at this time of year! Here are a few tips that I have to stay in shape this fall/winter season 🙂

I am in track club (I train for hurdles and sprints) and during the colder months, we switch from running outside 5 days a week, to going to the gym 2 days a week and running outside on Saturday mornings. This past Saturday was POURING but that didn’t stop us!

  1. Switch things up. You might be used to running or doing yoga in your basement, but try a new form of exercise to switch things up a little!
  2. Look for inspiration. I love following people like ToneItUp or Kayla Itsines because when Im scrolling through Instagram, they remind me to drink water and keep my body moving!
  3. Find something that works for you and your schedule, whether that be finding a running buddy or going to a Zumba class by yourself.
  4. Buy cute workout gear. It’s SO much more fun to workout when you look and feel good! We get most of our outfits from Ellie Activewear and you can use our code BASIC15 for 15% off your fist box!
  5. Have an accountability partner.  When you commit to meeting someone, you are more likely to do it AND have fun
  6. Drink lots of water & eat healthier! Since it is getting colder and we just want to drink hot tea, it’s hard to remember to drink water still but thats what our bodies need. Eat a well balanced diet and keep a water bottle by your side to prevent dry throats 😉

Our amazing friend & photographer, Jeannine took these photos

Have a wonderful week!! XO



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