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Overnight Beach Waves for the Girl That Can’t Curl Her Hair

I can not create beach waves in my hair for the life of me without it being 2-3 day curls. I just recently tried a new technique that ended up working for me, yay! I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that has this struggle so I thought I would share it with you guys who I can definatly relate with. I hope that you are able to try this out and it works for you!

Step one: make sure your hair is wet and french or dutch braid your hair down the back. make sure that it is tight so the crimp from the braid is good. Also the reason that one braid down the back works better that two is because of how the crimp falls when you take it out. If you want to be extra sure that there is a good crimp use gel or hairspray or both.

Step two: sleep on your braid overnight, in the morning when you take out your braid make sure it is dry or else you hair will not stay curly throughout the day.

Step three: take out your curling wand and curl a few select pieces. I usually like to curl the front pieces that frame my face as well as random ones

Step four: hairspray your hair and don’t worry throughout the day!