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Happy November! I have been so enjoying driving recently because the trees are on fire with bright colours of orange and yellow and red!  Since I recently got my licence and have to be more observant on the roads, I have a few appreciation for how gorgeous the trees are haha! (until it started snowing this morning and now all the leaves are gone! 🙁 ).

I have been using a few new products this month, and there are some that I have included into my everyday routine! October is a month of change as the weather cools down a lot and it has been raining more, so I have had to change up my everyday routine accordingly. What was your highlight of October?

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Proverbs 31:25

Caramel Shortbread Tea from David’s Tea

During the Spring and Summer my mom and I brink at least 2 cups a day of David’s Tea Lemon Pound Cake tea, and so for fall we have been drinking a lot of the Caramel Shortbread Tea! It has a really buttery, caramel taste with a little hint of almond and it is such a nice way to start the day!

Marley’s Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Marley has been making these muffins all the time, and so when we went to visit our friend Sarah Therese after she had her baby, we loved these so much we brought these along! They are vegan so they are made with ingredients that are good for you (coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, pumpkin!) and I have so enjoyed them during October!

Batiste XXL Volumising Dry Shampoo

I love the look of big, voluminous hair with soft curls, and this dry shampoo is no joke!! I like to spray just a little bit of product to get a really natural, full look!

Half Up Half Down Messy Bun Hairstyle

This month I have been wearing my hair half up half down almost every day! I love to have the front part duch braided with a little messy bun, or just a half up half down pony tail with a few baby hairs pulled out! Here are a few of the styles I love!:


Benefit RollerLash Mascara 

I go this mascara last year for Christmas, and I fell in love with it instantly! It is by far my favourite mascara (a good drugstore dupe is the Maybelline lash sensational mascara though!) The only reason I haven’t repurchased it until now is just because I can’t bring myself to pay $30 for mascara haha. I had the excuse that I had grad photos last week so I picked one up and I’m so excited to use it!


Taylor Swift’s Red Album 

hahah this one is suuuper random, but it has seriously been a fav of mine this month! I listened to this album on repeat when I would get ready in the morning, and it put me in such a good mood, and there is something about this album that reminds me of fall!


HM 3/4 Sleeve Striped Dress 

I don’t think this dress is actually 3/4 length sleeves, but my arms are so long that for me it is haha! I have been loving dresses like this during October because the weather changed so quickly, that this dress can be layered easily for the chilly, rainy mornings with a cute raincoat, and sunny afternoons you can replace the coat with a black vest (a fur vest would be super cute too!). I think this dress looks so cute with a little pair of pink flats or converse!


I hope you all had a lovely October!! What are you excited for in November?




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