DIY Plant Hangers

Hey friends, happy Saturday. I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Yesterday we had a provincial development day at school(no class) so a friends and I got together and made Braided Macrame Plant Holders. What brought this idea on was when we went to a trades show we saw some super cute plant holders but they cost $25! We didn’t feel like paying that much for something that we knew we could make ourselves. So we got together, went and bought the supplies, and got to DIYin!


lots of rope or cord.

glue, fast drying is the best.


a ruler.

a big metal ring (optional, I just used more rope.)

lots of time and patience.



  1. First cut six 180″ lengths of rope, and two 20″ pieces of rope. Take the 180″ pieces and fold them in half. Take the ring or cut some extra rope and put it through the middle, this is what it will hang from.
  2. Then take one of the 20″ pieces and glue and wrap it near the ring/rope.
  3. When that is dry, section your rope into three groups of for strands, take the first group and create 6 box knots (how to video below). Repeat with the two other groups.
  4. Once that is done separate the groups onto three new groups (two pieces from one group and two pieces from the one beside it). Measure 7″ then repeat step 3.
  5. Separate the groups the same way you did in step 4 and Measure another 7″. Create 2 box knots in each group (of 4 strands). Measure 7″ then repeat again with 2 more box knots.
  6. Below your last box knots gather all your pieces of rope together and wrap your last 20″ piece around it like step 2.
  7. Cut the bottom tassels to your desired length.

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