Hey guys, last week the three of us went to Aldor Acre Family Farm to take some super cute fall pictures with Maigan Lee. I thought I would show you some of the pictures but instead of posting a regular outfit of the day I thought I would show you them in some of my favourite trends from this season!

Bell bottom/straight cut, cut off Jeans. I really love how cute these are and how versatile you can make them. Dress them up or down there look great and classy.

Hoop Earrings. I remember in middle school when all I would wear were big hoop earrings. For the longest time I thought I would never wear them again since I wore them so much, but look now….here I am wearing hoop earrings and loving them. To be honest I have been loving the statement earring trend so much. Way more than I bought into the statement necklace treand. 

Slick back hair. This hair style is so easy and chic to do in the morning. I am a girl who doesn’t like to wake up super early to get ready so this is the hair style for me. It is also great in you are having a greasy hair day because no one will judge you, the slick look is part of the style!

Rings. There are 5 rings that I have that are super simple and that I never take off. I am not big fan of painting my nails so I like to wear rings to spice up my fingers instead. I also have so many other fun rings when I feel like putting more on or switching my rings around; they are mostly rings that I cannot constantly wear all the time.

Trench rain coats. We live in a rainforest over here so it is a must to stock up on all the rainy day accessories this includes raincoats. Instead of going for something traditional I love trech coat looking raincoats. They are so cute and make me want it to rain more!

White runners. Seeing these all over the gram I had to get myself a pair of white runners. Surprisingly I wear them even more than I thought. They are great for creating a casual chic look or just dressing down anything, like this dress!

Midi dresses/skirts. I have a bunch of short dresses that are great for the summer but once fall and winter they get packed away and I am left to wear pants. These dresses are so so so so cute and more acceptable in these colder months. This outfit in the picture is inspired by Sierra Furtado.

Oversized sweaters. I AM IN LOVE, have been in love for that past few years. They are so cozy and comfy. A must have to add to any fall closet.

Baker Boy Caps. When I first saw this trend I said, “no way.” But slowly I have grown to like it and actually ended up purchasing one for myself hehe. I have noticed that only specific hair styles can pull if off but since I am off to New York in a month I thought that it was necessary to get one! (if you are confused what this is click here)


Written by Vienna

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