Hi Guys!!

This past week we went to Aldor Acres pumpkin patch!! Of course, the one day that it rains is when we are at the pumpkin patch, but we were so happy to see a giant sunflower field that we really didn’t care about a little bit of rain! (except that I straightened my hair and by the end my hair was super curly! haha)

If you read my post from last week then you will recognize this little denim skirt! In fact, I have worn it so much recently people at school probably think it is the only skirt I own 😉 Here is a little OOTD post of what I wore to the patch! Also, thank you to our sweet friend Maigan for the pictures! They are amazing!!

Rebecca XO

(scroll down for outfit links!)


ahh they had baby bunnies, and honestly holding them were the highlight of our trip!! SO CUTE!!! (also, my hair got super curly from the rain!! thanks mom for the curls 😉

Skirt | Top | Jacket | Rain Boots | Hat

What do you like to do during the fall season!?


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