Fall Haircare Routine for Healthy Hydrated Hair

Lots of people have been telling me how soft my hair is lately and I’m loving it (nothing better than silky hair 🙂 )! Here is my hair care routine that I have been doing since fall is here

I exercise regularly and am an oily haired person so I wash my hair probably 6 days a week. Here are the products I use to keep my hair silky!


Maple Holistics sent us each a bottle of Tea Tree Oil shampoo and I have been using it for a few weeks now and love it! My hair smells good (if you like the natural tea tree essential oil scent) and feels fresh. I don’t notice a huge difference from similar tea tree shampoos but this company has a free sample program that you can sign up to receive free samples of their products if you want!

I also use this coconut milk shampoo by Renpure a couple times a week and it smells AMAZING.


I use this Tea Tree conditioner from Trader Joe’s

Out of the shower: 

I use this Renpure argon oil and rub it in the ends of my hair or if I straighten my hair, I will put it on to keep my hair looking healthy and if I have any fly-aways it tames them!

*we are not getting paid to talk about these products, all opinions are my own, Maple Holistics just sent us the shampoo

*photos with flowers are taken by MaiganLeePhotography