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If you follow us on Instagram, and have been watching our Insta-stories, then you will know that I was modelling in Vancouver Fashion Week on the weekend!! I am not with an agency right now, but during the summer I went to an open call in Vancouver to model in this year’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.  I have never done any runway shows before, but I have had many, many photoshoots, so I have had a bit of experience! 😉 

I was super excited when I received the email a few weeks later that they had wanted me to walk during fashion week, but I was also a bit nervous since I wasn’t very good at walking in heels! Luckily I had a few weeks to practice walking and I went to a few classes that VFW was having for new models.

During fashion week, I stayed with my grandparents who live in Vancouver, (for those of you who don’t know, I live about an hour away from Van and the call time was 9:45am so I would have to get up super early each morning!) and it was so fun staying in the city!! Even though I was at the venue for most of the time, between fittings I would walk to Starbucks for a PSL, and I love the city life! Over the 3 days that I was available to walk in FW (I couldn’t miss too much school!) I walked in 9 shows, and my very first show I got to open!! (ohmyword I was so stinking nervous I thought that I was going to blackout on the runway!!)

Walking in Vancouver Fashion Week was such an incredible experience, and I made so many friends and learned so much about all the work that goes into a fashion show!!

Rebecca xx

Walking in the LBYL show wearing one of my favourite dresses!! ^^

Photo: Jaydetecson on VSCO 

^^ Opening for Chen x Chen Design

Photo: Arun Nevader on Getty Images 

(Walking in the Stepanova show) Also loved this dress!! Hahah in rehersals I tripped over the train and lost my shoe! But luckily the show itself went good 🙂 also… peep my tanlines from Cuba!

Photo: Arun Nevader on Getty Images 

^^ Marilyn Xao

^^  Katherine Tessier (Haha my walk still needs some improvement!! I can’t walk in a straight line to save my life lol)

Photo: Arun Nevader on Getty Images

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