Hey guys, today Marley and I are helping out at our local mall for a fundraiser for Big Sisters and to show girls that they can be comfortable being themselves. If you want to know more about this event we shared a special post on Wednesday all about the event and well we are hoping to share a blog from the event in the next few weeks.

On the blog I want to share with you a recipe I found at the end of the summer for amazing homemade ice cream. I wish that I could have found it sooner so that I could have enjoyed this all summer and shared it with you sooner. But this recipe is so simple and pretty healthy. Here you go!


3 cups Frozen Mango Cubes
1/2 cups Coconut Milk
1/2 cups Plain Greek Yoghurt
2 tablespoons Honey

Use a blender or food processor to combine all the ingredients together. Then pour the mixture evenly into a pan. Freezer for 2-3 hours then enjoy.

If you freeze the ice cream for more time than 2-3 hours you will have to let the ice cream thaw for longer since it with be frozen solid.

for the original recipe click here


Written by Vienna

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