Hey guys it is finally time. I am here to share with you my Peru Travel Diary! It has been a long time coming getting the video below edited but I did it. I hope that you enjoy.

Peru was definatly an experience of a life time. I loved every single minute of it, all the new experiences. My family and I went with the tour company G-Adventures. While we were there we spent 1 day in Cusco, 1 day driving through the sacred valley to Ollyantatambo, 4 days on the Inca trail to Macchu Piccu, 2 days in Tambopata Eco Lodge, then lastly2 days in Lima.

Some of the things we did were hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Piccu, Stay in a lodge in the Amazon Jungle, Shop in local markets, and meet new friends. The Inca trail took 4 days. We walked through sun, rain, and snow! The highest part the the trail comes on the second day where we climb around 1000m is the span of 5km. It was so hard but so with it in the end. Our reward that night was definatly the starry sky, we were in love. On the last day we ended up waking up at 3:30! This was so that we could look at the sun rise over Macchu Piccu.

The Second half of our trip was spent in the Amazon Jungle, a section called Tambopata in an Eco Lodge. There we got to explore the wild life including Tarantulas an Macaws as well as swim in a little water hole that runs into the river. Her too the stars were amazing and probably one of my favourite parts of this half of the trip.

The last few days we spent in Lima, Peru. While we were there we went to that mall and to a little market. We also at some amazing food while we were there. After those days were up it was time to go home.



Written by Vienna

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