Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Hi Guys!!
I recently went to visit my aunty Shawna (we also did a skincare post together here!) at the spa where she works, and she gave me lots of advice for optimal foot health, as well as a much-needed pedicure! I was so surprised to hear how a little TLC will keep me on my feet (literally haha) for a long time! Keeping up with your pedi-health is just as important as getting a haircut at the salon or a massage at the spa. Our feet take us from one place to the next day in and day out, so regular maintenance is key for always putting your best foot forward! I am excited to share with you some tips that I picked up from our little pedi-session!!

Rebecca XO

1. Treat your feet!

Book in a time to get a pedicure at least once every 2 months. It can be either a spa splurge or a walk-in budget friendly salon… your feet will thank you!

2. File away

Have a foot file in the shower and file your feet every day or every other day. This is a huge one if you walk around in sandals a lot and your feet are exposed to the air and dirt all day.

3. Lather up!

Cream your heels before bed. After you get out of the shower and file your feet, apply a generous amount of a super moisturizing cream all over your feet and heels. Slip on some cozy socks and wear them for a few hours (I wear mine overnight) and in the morning your feet will feel baby-smooth.

4. Pop of colour

I love to always have my toes painted, even in the dead of winter when my feet are under 3 layers of socks!  To make it easier for at-home touch-ups, choose a polish that is similar to one that you have at home. If you run into a little emergency, you will be able to touch up your pedicure without having to take all the polish off.

5. Even men can benefit from a pedicure!

People who have poor circulation or swelling in feet benefit from having pedicures to help with appearance but helps increase circulation. I (my aunty Shawna) have clients who are meant come in all the time when I owned my salon, and I would give them a full pedicure, minus the polish. Everybody can benefit from a little foot TLC!

As well, here are some tips of keeping your pedicure last a long time!

How do you like to take care after your pedicure? We would love to know!!