3 Weeks in Cuba!! & Travel Diary Video

Hey guys! I know that I have been back from Cuba for 2 weeks now but I finally finished editing the travel diary! Here are a few of my favourite pictures explained and the travel diary is linked at the bottom of the blog post 🙂

Here, Becca wanted to take a picture of me in front of this pink wall because she was still in her morning workout clothes and I had already showered haha

Below is a picture that I took while we waited hours for the bus to come!

Trying to take candid beach photos so people know we went to Cuba


We bought REALLY good fresh Pina coladas!

Finally waved down a pink taxi!!

FREE freshly picked mango that we cut holes into the top, sucked the mango juice out, then ripped open to eat! (You guys will have to wait for our vlog to see more hehe)

We had an AMAZING trip, but 3 weeks is a long time and we are so happy to be home!

XO Marley