Hello September!

Hi guys!!!

ahh I can’t believe that I have started grade 12! I remember going into high school as a grade 9 and wanting to be a “cool” grade 12 so bad haha!! I was so, so excited to start school and see all my friends, but at the same time I am not ready to spend my evenings studying and reading some boring english novel! I think going back to school is a bit easier because there is a huge forest fire in Washington state right now (close-ish to where we live) and the smoke has been really bad again. Luckily, the smoke has prevented it from getting too hot outside, so I am not gazing outside wishing I was by the pool while I am in class!!

Anyway, I got this dress a few weeks ago from Marley’s sister who I also went to Cuba with. Because I was so in love with it and she was not a huge fan, she let me have it :)) I am sometimes hesitant with the off-the-shoulder look because I have pretty broad shoulders, but I think the small, fitted sleeves on this dress even things out. As well, I love the cute red pattern and it is the perfect dress to transition from summer to fall.

Have a lovely week!!

XO, Rebecca

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I am so sad that this exact dress is sold out! on Suzy Shier! But here is a really similar one: Asos 

Bag: This is a little something I picked up from Cuba! But here was my inspiration: Etsy, SSENSE