Hello everybody! I have been finding lots of new bloggers & Youtubers lately to watch and read, but sometimes people say dirty things and when I am home with my little cousins running around learning how to talk I get into trouble; so here are some of my favourite Christian influencers!

Cody & Lexy Johns (siblings to Marcus and Kristin & friends with Jess and Gabe) 

Jess Conte (Jess & Gabriel is her and her husband’s vlog channel and it never ceases to make me laugh) 

Kristin Johns is the CUTEST! (Kristin & Marcus is their vlog channel) 

Dani Austin and her fashion blog here. Dani is so “real” if you know what I mean. I love watching her Insta stories every day because she always talks about being thankful which is so encouraging to me! 

Jeannine Amapola & Dani are roommates and they are so fun! She also has a vlog channel

Sadie Robertson sometimes can be a little ‘preachy’, but she is so encouraging and her and Her best friend are so cute! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I get home from Cuba in 2 days :(( But I cannot wait to show you all the pictures!!

xx Marley


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