Hey guys I can’t believe back to school season is upon us! Right now I am still in Peru but I thought that I would share with you my back to school essentials. As a grade 12 student this year I have had many years to figure out what I do and don’t need so I thought that I would share with you. This is not all of my school essentials, but some of the more “unusual” ones.

  1. Advil. Just in case you get a headache during the day. This is really useful if the office at your school won’t give it out without parents consent.
  2. Notebooks. I love these so much more than binders and loose leaf paper. They keep everything together so you won’t lose them and then you only have to carry one notebook to class instead of a binder filled with so much paper.
  3. Agenda. So that you don’t forget any assignments from your classes.
  4. Headphones. If you are allowed your phone in class I would recommend headphones so that during work times you can listen to music.
  5. Highlighters. These are amazing and I am in love. Colour coding really helps especially for studying.
  6. Que Cards. great for studying. I especially love them for vocabulary.
  7. Hair Ties. I am always getting annoyed with my hair especially during tests and quizzes so these are a must when I go to school with my hair down. My favourite elastics are from Hair Slinky!
  8. White Out. This might be more for me than others but I like to use

Thank you for readying and I hope this helped you for this upcoming school year. Until next time xoxo Vienna.


Written by Vienna

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