Hello friends! This is the time to travel, and as Rebecca and I get ready to go to Cuba, I thought I would share some of my tips and trick as well as what I’m packing in my makeup bag since we will be on a few long flights with the red eye.

Firstly, you will have to make sure that every liquid you want to bring along is under the required maximum (I think for me, that’s 100mL).

I love to make sure I have

  • a sheet face mask for those long red eye flights because if you are anything like me, your skin feels so icky on long plane rides! (And yes I am one of those people who goes to the bathroom and washes my face and brushes my teeth in the little airplane bathroom haha)
  • eye mask to block out everyone’s bright tvs!
  • ear plugs to block out crying babies
  • mascara & brow brush for when you get off the plane and want to look a little put together after a long flight
  • mints & chapstick
  • sunglasses just in case you didn’t get any sleep and you want to hide your under eye circles because GIRL these aren’t Chanel bags 😉
  • deoderant
  • dry shampoo or baby powder for your hair
  • tangle teezer brush. This is the best little brush for travelling! (You can buy them online or from Sephora!)
  • and don’t forget the no brainers like a neck pillow, a tooth brush & face wash if its a REALLY long flight and you need to freshen up in the restroom

What are your carry on must haves??

XO, Marley



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