Hey guys hope your summer is going great, I can’t believe it is pretty much half over. My summer has been quite busy with plans including summer camp which I was at 2 weeks ago. It was defiantly one of the things that that I had been looking forward to the months leading up to summer. The camp is called TREK which stands for To Reach Every Kid. If you want more information on this camp you can click here to go to their website. I may have talked about this camp 2 summers ago, the last time I went, but I thought that since I have matured I would share my experience this year as well. It will also be a slightly different perspective as a counsellor this year instead on a leader in training(LIT).

The months before TREK happened the camp puts on a training weekend as well as another training day closer to camp for all the activity leaders and counsellors to bring unity t the group as well as go over some important guidelines and to hear the theme/story for the year. This years theme was The Northwest Passage. We were the NWC(North West Company) trying to get through the passage before the HBC(Hudson Bay Company). These stories that TREK incorporates into camp are like stories or parables, this one being that we were “fighting” the HBC who didn’t follow the rules and such and where considered a toned down representation on the devil and we were finding the passage for the King who would be considered a representation of God. There was also Alexander Mackenzie who would share at fireside and help us and teach us throughout the day and our representation of Jesus. It is really a cool way of teaching the kids because parables would help us learn what the bible was saying in simpler/easier forms like stories.

Some of the fun things we did include swimming in the river, rock climbing, archery, and crafts. The food their is always amazing, my favourite meal is Friday’s at lunch. It is called food face Friday which is pretty much self explanatory but it is where you eat your food with your face!

The week was filled with laughter, love, worship and community which is all we could ask for. As a counsellor it was really amazing to here stories of campers accepting Jesus into their hearts.


Written by Vienna

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