How to get Flawless Skin // Skincare Q&A With my Aunty Shawna

hello everybody!!

I am so so excited to be doing a Q&A with my gorgeous aunty Shawna on this post! For as long as I have known her, she has always had the most stunning, radiant, flawless skin, and I am so happy that she is sharing some of her secrets in today’s post! My aunty Shawna has owned her own spa, so she has had lots of experience in skincare. She always is inspiring me to take care of my skin and nourish it, and I hope that this post inspires you too as well!


Rebecca XO

Q. What are some skincare things that you recommend for us to do as  teenagers?

A. Especially as a teenager, I recommend you drink tons of water!! You will always see me with a big glass of water and I seriously drink so much during the day! I can’t stress enough about the importance of being hydrated. Water flushes out all the nasty things out of your system and cleanses you and hydrates your skin. As well, hands OFF the face!! We touch so many dirty things with our hands, and the last thing you want to do is spread that bacteria to your sensitive face! Another thing that I recommend is to change your pillow case a lot. Our hair can also get very dirty thought the day, and your pillow can spread the dirt from your hair right to your skin.

Q. What is you absolute favourite skincare product?

A. At my spa we sold a spa skincare line called Oxygen Botanicals. It’s quite high end, so it’s definately a treat but very very good.

Q. what is your every day skincare routine?

A. Every morning and night I cleanse and moisturize using my Aveeno scrub and daily moisturizer. These are both drugstore products, but they are a bit higher end. I love Aveeno because it is so gentle on the skin. Our faces are so sensitive, and by using harsh products you can sometimes get the opposite effects and your skin will become irritated. As well, if I am not going out, then I don’t wear makeup! If I am having a cleaning day or don’t have any plans until the evening, I let my skin breathe! Wearing makeup when you are having an at-home day is just clogging pores for no reason.

Q. What are some of your favourite makeup products that promote healthy skin?

A. Ever since I have been using mineral cosmetics, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. Since it is all-natural it allows me to conceal any blemishes I want to, while allowing my skin to breathe and heal at the same time. My favourite mineral cosmetics brand is Young Blood. It is more high end, but it never expires, it’s all natural, and so I feel like it is completely worth the price. For face products like foundation, concealer, powder, blush, etc. I will use Young Blood, but for mascaras and lips, drugstore products to the trick!

Q. You have zero under-eye dark circles! What is your secret?

haha people always ask me what my secret is to bright under-eyes! Honestly, it’s genetics! And while I am blessed with no dark circles, I still try to get lots of sleep, as well as drink lots of water. Also, I stay far away from any foods that will make me bloated and puffy (salts, sugar, and coffee), as those will affect your dark circles under your eyes. A little trick that I have recently discovered is to sleep on an incline so no fluid builds up under your eyes. I like to use 2 pillows under my head when I sleep so the blood in my body can move fluidly and repair my skin at night.

Q. What are some of your favourite foods for glowing skin?

A. I love water!! It has become such a routine for me to always go for a glass of water over coke, pop, or coffee. Cooking with fresh food and fresh produce will result in a healthy complexion. I was taught at a young age that “whatever you put in your body, has to come out.” Whenever you put junk and processed foods into your body, your body will respond in a negative way. However, if you fuel yourself with nutritious, wholesome foods your body will thank you and respond in a positive way. Some top acne promoting culprits to stay far away from are super spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and greasy foods. These will in no way help your skin!! (a little dark chocolate is an exception ;))

We are all going to deal with some sort of skin-related issue from time to time, and sometimes you really can not control it. But what you can control is whether or not you choose to be joyful and you can do that by putting a smile on your face and being proud of who you are and being grateful to be alive!! Just by lifting up your chin, pushing back your shoulders and cracking a little smile you immediately radiate!

What are some of your favourite skincare tips? We would love to know! 

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