Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my favourite hacks that I have been using lately!


  1. Keep bugs out of your drink by using cupcake holders!!
  2. DIY speaker: use 2 cups & a paper towel roll. Cut holes in the cups and stick the roll through, then cut a space in the paper roll for your phone. Paint (I used metallic spray paint) and enjoy! This is by far my FAV hack ever- Inspired by Alisha Marie & Pinterest 🙂
  3. Also use a cupcake holder so you don’t get a dripping popsicle all over your clothes. This is my watermelon popsicle recipe!
  4. Mount your phone on the  plane seat ahead of you using a Ziplock bag 
  5. I cannot tell you how many times things have spilled when I have been travelling! To avoid spillage when travelling, use saran wrap before putting the lids onto your liquids.


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