Workout Routine for Travelling

hello everybody!

It can be easy to completely ditch your morning run and clean eating during vacation… and sometimes it is ok to to enjoy a not-so-healthy meal here and there! But, when you have been working hard all year, the last thing you want is to loose your workout momentum; even when you are travelling! I have packed my running shoes in my suitcase many times with the intention to workout, but never even touched my shoes once! Finding time to break a quick sweat while on vacation can be difficult, but your body needs to be moving even more than normal when travelling in order to help with jetlag and being out of your normal routine. I have come up with a few tips and tricks, as well as a few moves to get you moving while you are on the road!



*just a little disclaimer, I am in no way a personal trainer! These are just some things that I do to be more healthy when I’m on the road*

Running/Walking can be the best way to explore the place you are visiting! Take a power walk along the boardwalk or a brisk jog through the city… and chances are, you will find a cute coffee shop or juice bar to stop at after your workout!

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body while travelling is drinking lots of water. If you are sensitive to the taste of water, try squeezing some fresh lemon juice into your water and adding in a few mint leaves to hide the taste.

Depending on your destination, jetlag may effect you differently, but getting enough sleep is so important!! I usually travel with a cute sleeping mask to help me catch a few extra zzz on the airplane, and I love to drink chamomile tea to help me fall asleep! (I have also done a post here about some tips and tricks to help you wake up feeling more energized!)

My workout:

I love to bring a jump rope with me when I am travelling! It is super tiny to pack, so there are no excuses for not bringing one haha! I begin by stretching out my body and then doing 5 minutes of a warmup with my jump rope. I will then do 25 reps of the following ab moves:

Next I will do 5 more minutes on my jumprope, but going a bit faster. After this I will stretch out my legs and abs so I don’t bulk up and my muscles aren’t sore the next day.

If I am just doing abs, I will just repeat this three times. But if I want to include a few leg moves here are some of my favs (25 reps each):

and then I finish my workout with a nice stretch!

aaannnd that’s about it! I will then follow up with a boho beautiful yoga video if I have some extra time (but if I’m on vacation I usually want to get to the pool asap!) Here are a few of my favourite yoga videos:

Best Easy Yoga to Unwind and Let-Go

Beginner Yoga 

^^ haha me showing off the muscles I wish I had


Thank you so much for reading!! What are your favourite workouts to do when you are on vacation? I would love to know!!