Hello Everybody!

Ever since I got this adorable romper from my aunt for my birthday I have been wearing it every chance I get! It is from Marshall’s, and to be honest, I have never shopped there before, but when I found that this is where my aunt found my romper, I have been going there at least twice a week haha!

I am so in love with the sleeves and the lace down the front of the romper. I think that it adds a really cute, girly touch to the look! And yes, in case you have noticed it is a little short on me (but I am 6’1″ so everything is short on me!) but it has been 26+ in Van. recently and in order to counteract the long sleeves I need to have shorter shorts otherwise I will be so uncomfortable!


Rebecca xoxo

Romper: (since the romper is from Marshall’s, it isn’t available online, but here are a few of my favourite rompers! You can find them  here, here, here, here

Necklace: Kate Spade

Ring: Pandora

^^ how cute is my little brother!?! He is turning 11 on Saturday! <3

Thank you so much for reading!! What dresses/rompers have you been wearing this summer? We would love to know!


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