Hello friends! I still cannot believe it’s summer and we don’t have school for another 2 months, and then its our grad year AH!! Anyways, I have been getting a few questions on how I cleared my skin and what my skincare routine is lately so here is my SUMMER skincare routine and I will be filming a video hopefully soon and uploading it on our YouTube channel about how I cleared my acne! And happy independence day to all our American friends 🙂

*this post is not sponsored, I bought all the products myself and just happen to love The Body Shop & Sephora

I also LOVE face-masks. This one is the Gravity Mud mask from Glamglow and it makes you look like an alien 🙂 I am obsessed with skincare (if it not obvious already) and I always go to The Body Shop or Sephora for samples like this because there’s no way I’m paying $80 for a mask I have never used before!


I used to use this Murad cleanser for my acne and it worked wonders but when my acne was gone I switched to a gentle foam cleanser from The Body Shop tea tree oil line. Recently I have been getting a couple of zits so I went back to my trusty Murad cleanser from Sephora and so far so good!

Face Oils

I got a facial at my local Body Shop store the other day (it was free!) and the lady there recommended this Drops of Youth face serum and it makes my face feel so smooth! She said that it helps your other products sink deeper into your skin instead of just sitting on top of your skin not doing anything. I also use tea tree oil from The Body Shop whenever I have an active breakout. And I learned (from the same lady) that 100% tea tree oil is bad for your skin because its so harsh it can burn it! This one is only 15% tea tree oil and doesn’t hurt at all. 


I used to use a simple lotion from the drugstore but it ran out so I just bought the Drops of Light brightening day cream (I also love the Drops of Youth cream!) and at night I use the Tea Tree night lotion.

What are our holy grail skincare products?! I am a total skincare junkie and would love to know 🙂

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