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A few years ago, people were obsessed with having super matte skin and absolutely no shine, but this season, the more glowy your skin is the better!! I have fallen in love with the look of having a super hydrated complexion, and today I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks with you!


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Hello Sunshine

Looking back in photos of myself in the winter when I am super fair, I almost cringe at how sickly pale I look. For some girls, they can totally rock their fair skin tone, and it looks amazing on them, but for myself I have discovered that I need a bit of a tan so I don’t look like Casper the ghost haha. Of course I always use sunscreen, but getting the right amount of sun gives me a nice, healthy glow.


Eat your veggies!

Veggies and fruits are so full of amazing vitamins to help your skin radiate. I know eating a plate of chopped lettuce is super boring, so I love having my daily dose of veggies in a green smoothie. In the morning before my workout I will have a smoothie with about 3 cups of spinach, a frozen banana, cinnamon, and about a cup of unsweetened almond milk (I also add a bit of vanilla because I really don’t want to have any taste of spinach). This smoothie is super bright green and so creamy and delicious! It can be kinda disgusting thinking about having spinach as the base of your smoothie, but with the vanilla and cinnamon you don’t taste it at all… I promise!!


Smashbox primer water

I have seen girls use this primer water all over the internet, and I never knew why they were obsessed with it so much until I tried it myself! It’s the perfect primer and setting spray, and it not only hydrates your skin but it also leaves your makeup looking fresh and lasts all day!!


FAB coconut smoothie primer

Any product that has the word “smoothie” in it I am immediately drawn to! I naturally have dry skin, so this primer is super hydrating, and I have even gotten compliments when I use it from friends saying that my skin looks super glowy!

Coconut oil
This is a super quick way to get a glow! I love to lather my legs with coconut oil after a shower. It makes my legs look really good and it’s so moisturizing!


Thank you so much for reading! How do you stay hydrated in the summer? We would love to know!



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