Hey guys! During summer, I almost always burn my scalp, then it starts peeling and turns red and life sucks for a bit… but no need to fear if this also happens to you because I have found a cure!

Keep reading if you want to see what works for me & how I still keep my ends hydrated & my hair silky

Twice a week (unless I need it more) I use this Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo and let it sit for about 5 minutes, or the time it takes me to shave my legs haha. Then I use the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner (sometimes I use the shampoo too) from Trader Joe’s in the States.

On the days that I don’t use the anti-dandruff shampoo, I use the Head and Shoulders Instant Oil Control shampoo which smells AMAZING. Then I use Trader Joe’s tea tree conditioner that makes my hair so soft!! 

Out of the shower, on towel dried/air hair, I use either the Fructis Liquid Strength damage eraser or the Whole Blends 5-in-1 lightweight spray (both from Garnier). OR if I’m going for more of a beachy look, I use the KMS California sea salt spray.

After I straighten my hair (or on natural hair) I use this Renpure Argon Oil to help get rid of fly-aways and it makes my hair smell sooo good!

This is my natural hair AH. I’m a little embarrassed because I do have a little bit of a cowlick (check the first pic) but if Amber Fillerup can post pictures with her natural hair then so can I! I think I am going to join her no heat hair challenge in July & August to help my hair out before school starts again! #bfbhairchallenge 🙂

I also did a post on how to get rid of oily hair if you want to read that! Here is my favourite invigorating dry shampoo from Dove.

Hope you all are having a lovely summer!! Comment below what products are your favourite to keeping health hair?


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