• Sunglasses-so you are still able to open your eyes with the bright sun.
  • Towel and/or blanket-to lay on at the beach and to dry off after swimming.
  • Sunscreen-even if you put some one before you are out in the sun bring some for reapplication part way through the day. Don’t forget to sunscreen your lips!
  • Hat-a way to keep your scalp from getting burnt as well as keep the sun out of your eyes. Also super cute for some pics by the water.
  • Swimsuit-if you are not wearing it under your clothes already and if you are don’t forget some undergarments for after all the water fun!
  • Beach bag-to carry all your stuff to and from the beach or pool.
  • Slip on sandals-so that when you are at the pool or walking in the sand you can easily slip your shoes on and off with out being left behind.
  • Hair elastics-for if you don’t want to your hair in your face and get a better tan.
  • Plastic bag-for your wet bathing suit after you are done swimming so that you beach bag does not get wet.
  • Something to read(beach)-this is something mostly for at the beach because at someones pool they normally have some games, people, and other party plans to keep you busy and not bored but, at the beach it is a nice place to lay down and tan and get into a book.
  • Speaker(beach)-for if you want to jam out to some music at the beach, if you are at a pool party there will most likely to be music already.
  • A water bottle-The sun will make you feel dehydrated so bring a water bottle so that does not happen.


Written by Vienna

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