Things I have been loving in May


Hello everybody!

eekkk!! Only 3 days left of school! I don’t hate going to school, but I am ready for a break and I am excited to travel and unwind a bit before my grad year :))) If you have been reading our blog for a few months you will know that Marley and I are going to Cuba in a few weeks, and I am so tempted to buy more dresses and bikinis for the trip but I am holding back because I spent way too much when I went to Hawaii haha

Here are some things I have been loving recently, from fashion to flowers to my recent obsession with peanut butter;)


Rebecca xx

  1. This skirt!! I got it at Plato’s Closet a few weeks ago (another way I am trying to save is shopping more at second hand stores!) and I am obsessed with how it fits, and it is the perfect length. I have such long legs, that even skirts that go to my knees can look scandalous on me haha
  2. Beachy hair has been my go-to hairstyle recently. I have curly natural hair, and I have used heat on my hair so much these past few months that I decided to give it a break and go natural(ish). I use a small curling iron to curl the front few pieces of my hair because they are pin straight for some reason!
  3. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love body mist has been my signature scent recently; I get stopped all the time when I wear it! It is white cotton and pink lily scented and I carry it with me everywhere 🙂
  4. Peonies!! This is one of my favourite times of the year because I can go out into our garden and pick a bunch of pink peonies. They have the most wonderful smell, and they are just these big, gorgeous, pink blossoms from heaven!
  5. Dates + Peanut butter. oh. my. word. Let me give you a little back story quickly… for my entire life, I’ve hated peanut butter so much. I could not understand why people loved it, to me it was so disgusting and salty. As well I hated dried dates. My mom always had dates and almonds as a snack and would always offer me some, but just the way they looked made me grossed out haha. Well, when I was scrolling on pinterest looking for a healthy snack I came across this picture of dates dipped in PB, and the rest is history basically haha. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have dates dipped in PB and I don’t plan on stopping 🙂 best thing ever.

Thank you so much for reading! honestly, try the dates and PB (if you are allergic to pb I am really sorry!) and let me know if you like it!!

See you next week <3

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