Hey guys! Since summer is just around the corner, and I have been on Pinterest (a lot) lately… I found this delicious and super cute popsicle recipe and wanted to share it! Here is my personal Pinterest account and I also pin things from our blog 🙂

You will need:

  • watermelon juice
  • blended kiwis
  • coconut milk
  • popsicle molds & sticks

First, pour the watermelon juice into your molds (2/3 full) and let set in the freezer  for 4 hours or more.  You could probably use real watermelon and make juice by blending it, however, the grocery store was out of watermelons and I found this juice as a substitute.

For the second layer, pour a thin layer of coconut milk over the frozen watermelon juice layer. The coconut milk is somewhat thick and will hold up the popsicle stick-freeze again for a few hours.

Lastly, once your kiwis are blended nicely and not chunky, pour them onto the frozen layers and then put in the freezer for the last time before you can eat them! I ended up blending my kiwis with a few teaspoons of honey so they would be less sour.

What are your favourite summer recipes? Have a lovely week! XO Marley

and yes I did redo my nails ^


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