Hey guys! These past few weeks have been busy for us as Vienna has dance, Rebecca and I just got our licences and I have track provincials this weekend, so I apologize for the lack of outfit/beauty posts! But no need to fear because we have lots of exciting things planned for the summer and there will be no lack of great posts 🙂

  1. Day trip to the beach
  2. Have a bonfire
  3. Outdoor (drive-in) movie night with friends
  4. Try new recipes with friends (we have many good ones for summer in our “recipes” section!) I personally want to make icecream!
  5. Find a new cafe in the city -all 3 of us have our licences now and we are planning lots of day trips to Fort Langley & Vancouver 🙂
  6. Picnic in the park. I don’t know about you, but I love sitting outside, tanning and reading  in the park 😛
  7. Camp out in your backyard. Grab a tent and watch the stars with your friends! One time, Rebecca, Vienna and I even say a shooting star!
  8. Go on a hike with your friends and take pictures at the top. Is that even a question? The 3 of us love to hike and stay fit and hiking is so fun!
  9. Start your own garden. There are so many little herb plants that you can buy and put on your window sill! Greenery is in people, start your plant collection 😉
  10. Random acts of kindness for your neighbours or service projects in your community. I know that summer is super busy and we have lots of travelling planned, and days in the sun with our friends, but I hope to find some time to think of others in these next few months!


Hope you all have a lovely week! xo Marley

PS it’s Rebecca’s birthday tomorrow :0


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