Hey Guys! I hope you guys are having a fabulous week/weekend. This weekend I am actually at a training camp weekend for summer camp as a co-counsellor! I have been a part of BasicBloggerss for just over 2 years trying to post once a week. I know in these 2 years there have been weeks when I don’t know what to write about. I am pretty sure I am not the only blogger that struggles with this. Every time I have a brain block I look on other blogs who have lists of what I can do.  I thought I would make it that much easier for you so instead of searching all over the big wide web you can just come here! I hope this helps you guys when you are in a slump.

  1. Outfit Of The Day(OOTD)
  2. Life Update, how your week/month has been going and what you are planning for the future
  3. Monthly Empties/Favourites
  4. Skincare Routine
  5. Closet Must-haves
  6. Places You Want/Have Visited
  7. Cute Hairstyles, for example if you are going on a plane choose some cute airport hairstyles like Marley
  8. What to Pack, to corilate with whatever trip you are going on soon
  9. Collection posts; examples are shoes, sunglasses or swimwear
  10. A Travel Diary, somewhere you recently visited and loved
  11. Hair Care, especially if you have dyed your hair
  12. Biggest Seasonal Trends
  13. All About You, most bloggers have an about page on their blog but dive in deeper about yourself
  14. Your favourite Music Of The Month, if you are someone who is constantly changing their music playlist
  15. Your go to Jewellery Pieces
  16. Revamping Your Old Clothes
  17. Gift Guide, great for birthdays, Mothers day, Christmas, etc.
  18. Clothing Wishlist
  19. Your Favourite (Online) Stores
  20. How You Edit Your Pictures
  21. Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers You Look Up To
  22. Hair Products/Makeup/Clothing You Regret Getting
  23. Why You Started Blogging
  24. Real vs Dupe
  25. What is in Your Closet/Makeup Collection
  26. Guest Post, get a friend to share their outfit or something else they are passionate about like Rebecca!
  27. 1 _(skirt)_ 5 outfits, our something similar to that like a scarf
  28. Fashion Review, on something like an Award Show, I am pretty sure this is the first post that I ever did!
  29. “How To”, something like how to become a morning person like Rebecca’s post or a diy/how to revamping clothes
  30. My Bucket List, this might help others find some fun things to do and then your bucket list is written down somewhere so you can check it off in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it will help you out in the future. I love you all, thank you so much for reading my post. Until next time, xoxo Vienna



Written by Vienna

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